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NORTH WORKS uses high quality materials. The basic designs and values never change.

Each piece is hand made. The high quality materials will not fade or tarnish after many years.

The American $1coins are said to be the most beautiful in the world.

These large silver coins were issued in United States from 1878~1904 and 1921. They are high value.

The American icons, the statue of liberty and the bald eagle are portrayed on these silver coins. The coins were designed by British Sculptor George T. Morgan. The coins are also called the Morgan dollar.

Silver coins were created in the 1800s by Native Americans. The Native processed silver using technology brought over by the Spaniards.

During the 1960s hippie era, jewelers in San Francisco gave the coin an artistic touch.

Due to the high silver content the coin is easy to process.

We will use the vintage coins with turquoise, leather craft and bead work to produce modern designs that last for ages.